Cala Canyelles

A fully developed, gritty beach with Lloret only yacht harbour. In the surrounding area there is a campsite, apartment blocks, various bars and restaurants.

Accessible and full of possibilities.

The beach is equipped with a disabled entrance, lifeguards and other facilities such as a volleyball court and sunbed/parasol hire etc. There are also several things on offer for watersports enthusiasts:pedal boats, kayaks, parasiling, waterskiing etc.

From the sea to the table.

In the middle of the beach sits a large rock which separates the 450m beach into two sections; the connecting yacht harbour lies on the southern side with predominantly smaller boats and yachts. Above the harbour is a nice restaurant with a terrace, untypical of a yacht harbour, which offers a wonderful view. Here they serve Spanish cuisine at reasonable prices, but you should come equipped with time and patience: here they don’t know the meaning of the phrase “To hurry”!

On the northern side of the beach, behind the rock, there is a nice beach bar in the middle of the sand.

Undoubtedly the more pleasant side of the beach!